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Micron-precision optical measurement

300 Series

Measurement in seconds

The VICIVISION PRIMA 300 Series is a state-of-the-art range of optical measuring systems that are designed to provide high-precision measurements for turned parts in seconds.

Unrivalled clarity

A high-resolution camera system can capture images of turned parts with incredible detail and clarity. This system is capable of detecting even the smallest variations in part dimensions, ensuring that every measurement is accurate and precise.

Intuitive software

Equipped with intuitive software that guides users through the measuring process, the PRIMA 300 Series makes it simple to set up and take measurements. This user-friendly interface means that manufacturers can easily integrate into their existing production processes.


All shapes. All sizes.

Designed to be incredibly versatile, the 300 Series is capable of measuring a wide range of turned parts with varying dimensions and shapes. This makes it an ideal solution for manufacturers that produce small, intricate components or larger, more complex parts.


See your parts like never before

Chromatic Aberration Correction (CAC) lenses provide sharp and clear images with minimal distortion. The system offers a range of magnifications to accommodate various workpiece sizes and shapes, ensuring accuracy and repeatability.

Speed up your inspection

The system is capable of taking measurements in seconds, which is much faster than traditional measuring methods, saving time but also reduces the risk of errors that can occur during manual measurements.

Make crticial decisions faster

By having access to measurement data within seconds, you can make more informed decisions on your parts faster when compared to other methods, allowing you to improve part quality and improve customer satisfaction.

Which PRIMA machine is right for you?

Length: 300mm
Diameter - 60 mm
Maximum component weight: 10 kg
Optics: Chromatic Aberration Correction (CAC)
Illumination: High-Brightness LED Illumination
Micron-precision performance
Small to medium workpieces
Ideal for: Efficient quality control for small workspaces
Length: 300mm
Diameter - 90 mm
Maximum component weight: 30 kg
Optics: Chromatic Aberration Correction (CAC)
Illumination: High-Brightness LED Illumination
Micron-precision performance
Medium to large, complex workpieces
Ideal for: Aerospace and automotive
Length: 300mm
Diameter - 140 mm
Maximum component weight: 30 kg
Optics: Telecentric lens
Illumination: High-Brightness LED Illumination
Micron-precision performance
Large, intricate workpieces
Ideal for: High-speed, and demanding applications

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