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Measurement solutions for micro parts

VICIVISION measurement for micro parts

Precise part measurement

Micro parts are often delicate and sensitive, and traditional contact-based measurement methods can risk damage or deformation. The non-contact nature of VICIVISION’s optical measurement technology ensures that micro parts remain intact and undisturbed during the measurement process. This preserves the integrity of the components and guarantees reliable and repeatable measurement results.

Why use optical measurement for micro parts?

Accurate and precise

VICIVISION optical turned part measurement machines utilise advanced optics to capture high-resolution data of your part, allowing for extremely accurate and precise measurements of various parameters.


Efficient inspection

Quickly scan and capture the entire surface of your part, significantly reducing the inspection time compared to traditional methods and eliminate human errors to improve overall inspection efficiency.


Preserve part quality

VICIVISION offers non-destructive testing capabilities, allowing manufacturers to inspect and measure parts without causing any damage or alteration to the components, particularly important with high-value or complex parts.


Streamline your inspection

Micro parts are typically produced in high volumes, and efficient measurement processes are essential for maintaining productivity. VICIVISION’s measurement systems are equipped with automated positioning and advanced measurement algorithms, enabling rapid and accurate measurements without the need for manual intervention. This streamlines the measurement process, reduces human errors, and increases overall productivity in the inspection and quality control of micro parts and components.

Conquer your measurement challenges

VICIVISION turned part measuring machines are designed to withstand the challenges of everyday measuring. No matter the challenge your team faces, VICIVISION UK experts are on-hand to help you overcome challenging components.

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