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Projection. Inspection. Tolerancing. Made easy.


High-resolution. High accuracy.

The X360 is a high-resolution optical measuring machine designed for micro-mechanical parts, dental implants, watch components and other intricate micro-parts.

Effortlessly efficient

The X360 enables operators to inspect production without requiring specific measurement expertise. With a simple click, the part program activates, capturing dozens of measurements in seconds and providing instant feedback on component quality.

Unmatched inspection detail

High-resolution images combined with a wide measuring field provide the ultimate solution. Designed to measure intricate parts such as those in medical components, as well as larger parts and
medium-sized shafts, the X360 puts your parts into focus.

Verification when it matters most

Ideal for manufacturers of prototypes in industries such as the medical sector, where traceability of data and measurements is essential for part approval, the X360 saves a profile photo for verification of the dimensions even after shipment to the customer.

Unparalleled precision for micro-mechanical parts

Its exceptional resolution detects the smallest details, making it the perfect solution for static measurements, hexagon and thread analysis.

Breakthrough technology

The X360 offers a unique solution for the dental implantology and biomedical technology industries. Its direct access design facilitates the loading and unloading of hard-to-manage pieces, while its fully enclosed structure ensures small parts can be easily retrieved if they fall during operation.

State-of-the-art optics and software

The X360 utilises advanced optics to capture high-resolution images of parts from all angles. These images are then analysed using powerful software that automatically detects and measures features such as diameters, lengths, angles, radii and more.

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