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Powerful simplicity on the shopfloor


Leveraging a groundbreaking system and proprietary Metrios software, deliver exceptionally precise dimensional data with remarkable simplicity with the robustness to carry out fast, accurate inspections on the shopfloor.

Place and press

Place and press makes operation easy. Operators can place a part anywhere in the field of view and draw edges with touch screen motions and multi-gesture technology, allowing the Metrios to take care of the rest with auto-position detection for precise measurement in seconds.

User friendly

Metrios features a 17-inch touch screen, user-friendly interface and intuitive programming. Its innovative, rugged construction and ergonomic design ensure seamless operation beyond the metrology lab. Experience unparalleled daily access, interaction and value with this cutting-edge production asset.

Shopfloor ready

Recognising that shopfloor environments aren’t always temperature-controlled, Metrios comes equipped with an on-board gauge to provide real-time measurement feedback during the cycle, and temperature sensors to ensure accurate measurements in the harshest of environments.

Which Metrios is right for you?


A versatile optical measuring machine with automatic position detection for fast, accurate, multi-part measurements; perfect for automotive, aerospace, and medical applications.

Metrios HD

High-resolution optical measurement tool designed for small and micro-components, providing unrivalled precision and user-friendly interface across various industries.

Metrios Cross

Featuring a sliding stage and large working area, this high-resolution optical measuring machine caters to diverse component sizes, ensuring precision across multiple sectors.

Metrios Cross HD

Offering the highest resolution and a sliding stage, this advanced optical measuring machine captures intricate details of micro-components for precise analysis in various industries.

Metrios 332

Metrios 332 offers the best of both worlds, combining speed and ease of use with precision and broad capabilities, in a single shopfloor instrument, at a generous 300 x 300mm XY measuring range.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metrios?

Metrios is a state-of-the-art 2D digital optical measuring machine that performs precise part-quality tests directly on the shop floor, ideal for smart, automated factories involved in Industry 4.0.

Metrios systems are suited for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, dental, medical, and more. These systems are versatile enough to handle applications like camshafts, crankshafts, dental implants, micro parts, and other precision components.

Metrios offers features such as a user-friendly 17-inch touch screen interface, intuitive programming, and robust construction designed to operate in various environmental conditions including non-temperature controlled areas.

The Metrios systems are equipped with high-resolution imaging and advanced software capabilities that allow for precise measurement, even of micro-components. The systems also feature real-time measurement feedback and detailed data management for tracking and analysis.

VICIVISION provides comprehensive support including training packages, application support days, and a subcontract measurement service. Additionally, resources such as customer success stories, downloadable eBooks, and brochures are available to help users maximize their use of the Metrios systems.

Yes, VICIVISION offers a trade-in program that allows customers to upgrade their old measurement systems to new models, facilitating continuous improvement in measurement capabilities and technology adaptation.

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