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PRIMA range

PRIMA is the perfect tool to start your turned part measurement journey, providing an easy-to-use system to measure hundreds of features on threads, screws, and bolts in a matter of seconds.

High throughput

Bring precision to turned part measurement with the PRIMA. Eliminate unnecessary rejects and downtime, speed up processes, simplify tracking, and achieve precise quality control for a fast ROI and maximum throughput.

Reliably reliable

The PRIMA offers machine autonomy, ensuring reliable and consistent results without the risk of human error or disruptions to CNC machining. Ideal for lathe operators who demand high levels of reliability and accuracy in their measurements.

Ease of use

Efficiently program the PRIMA for streamlined measurement processes with a simplified interface and Dream software. Vivian measurement assistant guides users step-by-step, reducing learning time for efficient measurement.

Which PRIMA machine is right for you?


Efficiency and precision combined

A range of versatile optical measuring machines designed for small and medium-sized workpieces. The PRIMA 300 series offers high precision, quick measurement cycles, and easy operation, providing reliable and efficient quality control for manufacturers.


Micron-precision performance

PRIMA 600 series are state-of-the-art optical measuring systems that provide accurate and reliable measurement solutions for various industries. Be it small workpieces or large, complex components, the 600 series covers it all.

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