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Measurement solutions for crankshafts

VICIVISION measurement for crankshafts

Unrivalled accuracy and throughput

Crankshafts are crucial components in internal combustion engines, converting the linear motion of pistons into rotational motion to drive the transmission and wheels. Accurate measurement of crankshaft dimensions and geometries is essential for ensuring optimal engine performance, fuel efficiency, and durability. VICIVISION offers advanced measuring machines for precise crankshaft measurement, catering to a range of applications across various industries.

Why use optical measurement for crankshafts?

Accurate and precise

VICIVISION optical turned part measurement machines utilise advanced optics to capture high-resolution data of your part, allowing for extremely accurate and precise measurements of various parameters.


Efficient inspection

Quickly scan and capture the entire surface of your part, significantly reducing the inspection time compared to traditional methods and eliminate human errors to improve overall inspection efficiency.


Preserve part quality

VICIVISION offers non-destructive testing capabilities, allowing manufacturers to inspect and measure parts without causing any damage or alteration to the components, particularly important with high-value or complex parts.


Precision measurement

Accurate crankshaft measurement is critical to ensuring optimal engine performance and minimising wear and tear. VICIVISION’s measuring machines provide high-precision measurements for crankshafts and crankshaft components, providing dimensional accuracy, geometrical accuracy and surface finish analysis to enable you to produce the best parts possible.

Conquer your measurement challenges

VICIVISION turned part measuring machines are designed to withstand the challenges of everyday measuring. No matter the challenge your team faces, VICIVISION UK experts are on-hand to help you overcome challenging components.

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