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Speed and precision in one measurement machine

Metrios 332

Big parts. Big measurements.

Modern vision measurement systems are fast and easy to use. Multi-sensor systems offer additional capabilities but can become complex to program and operate. Metrios 332 offers the best of both worlds, combining speed and ease of use with precision and broad capabilities, in a single shopfloor instrument.

Measure bigger and better

The Metrios 332 offers a generous 300 x 300mm XY measuring range, combined with the capability to measure parts 200mm in the Z-axis and a part weight of up to 20kg.

Capture every
part detail

A wide-field sensor detects the parts on the stage and measures them at maximum speed, with an ultra-high magnification sensor capable of detecting even the smallest details.

Comprehensive lighting

The new, even more comprehensive lighting system shields from environment light and guarantees results on even the most difficult surfaces.

Fast right from the start

Metrios 332 delivers rapid measurement on the shopfloor. Just place the components freely on the stage. Metrios finds, aligns and measures them automatically.

Powerful magnification

Capture minute details in a single shot, while the software showcases high-resolution imagery, revealing cleanliness levels, burrs and scratches with maximum accuracy across the field of view.

All industries. All applications.

From the automotive and aerospace industries to the medical sector, the Metrios 332 serves a diverse array of applications. This high-resolution measuring machine can inspect single parts within seconds or simultaneously check multiple components.

Metrios Re-Light

Shed light on every detail

Metrios Re-Light provides an optional rotary axis, designed for both flat and cylindrical parts. Measure all surfaces at once with a single device and relieve the operator from the continuous repositioning of the component.

Guided part orientation

Diameters, chamfers, keyway slots. No matter what you are measuring, Metrios automatically finds the reference point to orientate the measurement.

Worry-free measuring

A universal clamping device is included in the rotary system. There’s no need to create customised fixtures or choose between clampings. Metrios Re-Light provides worry-free measuring.

No doubts with quality control

Eliminate human error related to the positioning of the part. Trust in a reliable cycle time and obtain all the results in a single report.

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