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Dream Software

Transform your metrology experience

Embrace the power of cutting-edge technology

Explore the next generation of metrology with Dream Software from VICIVISION – a state-of-the-art metrology software suite designed to optimise the performance of your optical measuring machines. Dream Software blends precision, efficiency, and a remarkable user experience to deliver accurate and reliable measurements time and time again.

User-friendly operation

Dream Software features an intuitive user interface that promotes a smooth and efficient user experience. With a simple-to-learn layout, operators can swiftly adapt to the software, enabling faster operation and increased productivity.

Extensive CAD compatibility

Extensive compatibility with popular CAD formats allows you to import and export part files with ease. This seamless integration accelerates your measurement process, facilitating quicker turnaround times and more accurate measurements.

Remote access and monitoring

Monitor your optical measuring machines from any location with an internet connection. This feature ensures that you maintain quality control and oversee your measurement processes, even when you’re not physically present.

Make data driven decisions

Dream Software’s comprehensive reporting and analysis tools enable you to effortlessly generate detailed reports and charts. These insights support data-driven decision-making, allowing you to refine your manufacturing processes and enhance overall product quality.

Stay ahead of the curve and revolutionise your manufacturing processes with Dream Software.

Advanced algorithms

Advanced measurement algorithms ensure exceptional accuracy and repeatability, working in harmony with your VICIVISION to deliver rapid and precise results.

Unmatched ease of use

Dream Software’s user-friendly interface enables operators of all skill levels to effortlessly navigate and utilise the software, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

More options. More flexibility.

Dream Software’s extensive CAD format compatibility and remote access capabilities make it a versatile solution for various manufacturing environments.

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