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Measurement solutions for the engineering industry

VICIVISION measurement in engineering

Demand 100% accuracy

Ensuring 100% accuracy, as well as repeatability can save significant time and cost, enabling a more cohesive and efficient manufacturing process. World-class technology from VICIVISION uncovers the best turnkey production value in the engineering sector with full, unerring confidence in output. VICIVISION brings together the best optical measurement technology with expert data analysis to give engineers the confidence they need for 100% accuracy, eliminating risks in production.

Why use optical measurement for the engineering sector?

Enhanced accuracy

Advanced optical sensors and imaging technologies accurately measure various dimensions and geometric features to achieve high levels of precision, allowing for tight tolerances and ensuring the production of quality parts.


Built for speed

Rapidly capture measurements and perform inspections, enabling quicker throughput in automotive production lines. The efficiency gains from optical measurement contribute to increased productivity and reduced cycle times.


Meet tight tolerances

Analyse complex geometries and intricate features to evaluate critical parameters such as form, profile, roundness, concentricity and surface finish to ensure parts meet the required specifications and tolerance limits.


Maximise quality assurance

With high resolution accuracy, automated systems measure true, and quantifiable everytime. Full command over part dimensions ensures absolute precision, for both small and large components. Using the best high-definition cameras, VICIVISION UK’s innovative technology means enhanced accuracy for both precision and non-precision parts.

What you can measure:

Conquer your measurement challenges

VICIVISION turned part measuring machines are designed to withstand the challenges of everyday measuring. No matter the challenge your team faces, VICIVISION UK experts are on-hand to help you overcome challenging components.

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