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Micro-component measurement made easy

X-Series range

The X-Series measuring systems enable operators to inspect components with ‘place and press’ for multiple measurements in seconds, resulting in a positive or negative feedback in real-time.

Measure the smallest details

The high resolution detects even the smallest details. Taking the measurements on a very enlarged image of the element to automatically obtain lengths, diameters, angles, radii, bevels and threads, there is no need to use multiple instruments.

Reliably fast and accurate

Offering speed and accuracy without compromise, the X-Series range is designed for swift and precise measurements. Multo-axis motorised stages enable the simultaneous assessment of up to five different attributes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


Adaptable and customisable

Discover the intelligent measuring capabilities of the X-Series range, featuring adaptable and customisable measurement routines tailored to your unique needs. The user-centric software encompasses a range of tools, guaranteeing precision and consistency.


Which X-Series machine is right for you?


High-res micropart measurements

Compact, entry-level optical measuring machine designed for small workpieces, offering rapid measurements, accuracy and user-friendly operation. 


Adaptive solution for microparts

Versatile optical measuring system caters to small-medium workpieces, emphasising precision, speed and ease of use across various industries.


The ultimate micro-measuring system

Advanced optical measuring solution suitable for a wide range of workpiece sizes and shapes, delivering exceptional accuracy, adaptability and automation.

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